Mom Sexually Trollz Step-Son

This crazy whore hid a camera to flash her step son "accidentally" and make him all uncomfortable and weird during family movie night with his dad. I have two questions, first WTF IS WRONG WITH HER? and second, WHY COULDN'T SHE OF BEEN MY STEP MOM?! FUCK!

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Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar: Part Two

Someone somewhere thought it would be really great to make a 70 minute porn film set in the Victorian era about a guy with a dick for a nose. Today we honor men like that and the amazing master-pieces of shit they produce. INTRO, 1, 2, 3, 4

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Water, Knives and Used Toilet Paper

These two got together and decided to reenact "Passion of the Christ" leading up to a cum shot instead of a crucifixion. Warning: This is the kinda twisted shit Ted Bundy and Chris Brown could fap to. FULL SCENE HERE.

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Escort Flips Her Shit On Client

If you we're an emotionally messed up prostitute, I'm sure you would fucking hate talking about your life too. But would you hate it more then sucking the dick of a self-titled "crack whore connoisseur"? See the other girls this guy sticks his dick in HERE.

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The Cam Whore Awards: Round Two

Once again we're honoring the best of the worst in the world of webcam modeling. Where cute crazy bitches and really weird dudes are willing to stab at their own kidneys for our amusement and tokens. Music Here, Discussion Here, and More Cam Girls Here

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Ass to Mouth with Consequences

You gotta admire commitment in anything. This young lady was so devoted to the scene that when it came to anal, she soldiered through it. When it came time for the cum shot, she fellates his fecal flavored ram rod without hesitation. DOWNLOAD THE FULL VIDEO HERE.

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My Vagina Is On FUCKING Fire

Webcam models manage to overload a vibrator to the point of catastrophic electrical failure. Who would of thought masturbating with something connected to a 120 volt wall outlet could be dangerous? Check out the Profile and Twitter for more cam shows.

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The Facebook of Camwhores

Conversate with live, naked, barely legal teens that'll beckon to your every wish and desire... all for a cost equivalent to the value of an autographed picture of Cuba Gooding Jr. - fucking nothing. Can't beat free pussy.

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Newb Gangbang Chick Finally Breaks

Take a girl with some obvious daddy issues, throw her in a room with some pussy hungry guys who are into brutality, and what do you get? A very happy and very sore vagina. I think we should give them weapons for round 2. MORE HERE

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The Creepiest Motherfucker In Porn 2

The legend returns in full pussy punishing force. Watch part one: HERE and come back to learn his secret on how he tricked over 100+ women into letting him plank-fuck them on film without paying. MORE HERE + Discuss here.

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The Socially Awkward Teenager

When it's a girl's first time doing hardcore porn and she's too nervous on camera to put two syllables together, you get what I imagine to be the closest experience to fucking a corpse you can have without taking a trip to the morgue. Luckily the awkwardness only makes me harder. FULL VIDEO HERE.

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Ratchet Hookers Under $20

It's always rough times for busted drug addicted cum dumpsters. Learn what it really takes to become a professional sexual punching bag for the below average Joe willing to risk STD's for cheap sex. MORE HERE.

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