There's no crying in porno

Women being beaten with insanely huge cocks, face fucked until they puke, anally violated into tears, degraded and abused, they always come back for more. You can find it all here and not even leave the house.

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Faces of eFukt

Some of the wonderful and/or beautiful viewers of efukt. If you want in on this send us your pics and add the twitter, facebook and check out the forum. I fucking love how amazing the efukt fan base is.

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The Emotional Limits of Pornstars

If you look closely you can see the very moment they realize that getting slapped around, tortured, humiliated and/or face fucked just isn't as much fun as it sounded when they signed up... LOL [SOURCE: 1, 2, 3, 4]

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Kicked In The Balls Of My Heart

This weirdo's first fail is getting off on having his genitals smashed into his pasty torso. His second fail is that he gets kicked in the nuts so hard that he coughs up blood. That's hott. More HERE.

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Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar 4

Another round of the best worst acting in porn. [Parts 1, 2, 3 ] Today we learn about friendship, weapon safety and lemon stealing whores. [Full Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4 ]

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Thot Hilariously Ruins Cum Shot

This is a pretty amazing scene right up until the point when it becomes one of the best cum shot fails of all time. Imagine the glorious feeling of having your penis sucked -- now imagine that feeling being destroyed right when it counts. Full Scene HERE + SONG.

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American History XXX

She likes getting fucked like a dilapidated catfish and she's almost as quotable as Will Ferrell. Meet a racist mud shark as she gets "fucking fucked" by two minorities after sexually hate crime-ing them with soul food. Full Scene HERE.

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The strange tale of how an alleged rapist wife beater got his penis severed and became a porn star. John Wayne Bobbitt has suffered every man's worst nightmare and accomplished most guy's wildest dream. INFO, PORN, SONG.

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Caught Fapping at the Library

Remember the public library? They used to be the go-to place for over-achievers and students. Today, libraries are only frequented by the homeless and cam-whores... because, you know, free internet. PROFILE.

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The Religious Compilation

I am not sorry if this offends you or your imaginary friends. Just as I am not sorry for the suspension of the efukt twitter for posting Jennifer Laurence's nudes (new account here)... lol. SONG + MORE.

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Exploring the Uncharted Cavern

Fisting Porn: The only fetish more painful than hearing Kanye West talk. But the 27:00 mark is where Rosa really ups the game. "I love it" - Lady if this is love, make sure I'm 10 states away from your next birthday.

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The Trolling of a Discount Hooker

From the clearance section of comes an escort sporting bed bugs, a wonky titty, and a heart of gold. Her entire scene is just one giant cluster fuck disaster of fail and it's beautiful. Full Scene + More HERE.

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The Cam Whore Meltdown Comp

Ahh, the beautiful girls that fap for internet money. It's a stressful job full of internet chat trolls and dildos that need a power outlet. Understandably they can sometimes freak out a bit. Sauce: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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