The Dirty Hot Dog Trick

Party boat with a ton of college students going booze cruising. Most of the girls are naked and a hungry guy gets a free, dirty hot dog.

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The Trolling of a Discount Hooker

From the clearance section of comes an escort sporting bed bugs, a wonky titty, and a heart of gold. Her entire scene is just one giant cluster fuck disaster of fail and it's beautiful. Full Scene + More HERE.

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The Cam Whore Meltdown Comp

Ahh, the beautiful girls that fap for internet money. It's a stressful job full of internet chat trolls and dildos that need a power outlet. Understandably they can sometimes freak out a bit. Sauce: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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The Dangers of Filming Pornography

Meet Alicia Silverstone's slutty stunt double with lop sided titties... I nicknamed the small one tiny Tim. Watch them in action and get an inside glimpse into the hazards and dangers of working as a pornography camera man. Full Scene HERE.

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Genius Straps Go-Pro to his Head

I can only imagine the lead up to this, but his girlfriend is a real keeper for going along with his crazy ass plan to film their "extreme" anal session, complete with a friggin go-pro strapped to his forehead. This is the stuff heroes are made of.

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Lexi Belle Has A Breakdown

A scene gets a little too intense for Lexi when her costar bitch slaps the valtrex out of her face. After which her costar turned assailant keeps asking her "are you ok?". Full Scene HERE and more Lexi HERE.

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People are NOT Awesome 2014


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How To Have Cyber Sex!

Many, many years ago, in the days of old known as 1997, an instructional VHS was forged. Watch and learn how to master the art of one handed typing with post-aspergers Winnie Cooper from the "Wonder Years".

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Her First Squirt

A heart warming moment when a pretty cam slut, who happens to sound like MadTV's Stuart, drops jaw and flips her shit when she unexpectedly squirts for the first time in her life. PROFILE HERE.

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This Girl is Fucked Up!

She has more issues than time magazine and she's going to tell us all about them while getting getting face fucked and slapped around by the upstanding gentlemen of Facial Abuse. Full Scene HERE and SONG.

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The Ratchet Compilation [2]

Another edition featuring triflin' ass hoes, hood rats of all kinds and a singing crack head with erectile problems. They call him Uncle Jim and he can do any unskilled miscellaneous task for the low-low.

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Semen and Strife

See that pretty face? Well, that's all you get because she's too busy getting seizure-fucked in the face by a cock raging french guy the entire clip to look at the camera. #rekt Full Scene HERE.

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The Absurdity of Japanese Pornography 3

More insanity from the porno-terrorists known as the Japanese. Screen caps and shitty clips of this have floated around the net for years but I finally got a full HD copy. Tons more weird shit HERE.

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