Cocaine Via Teh Butt hole

Party slut figures a good way to get some free powder is let this scum bag blow it in her ass with a straw... but If she wants one to the nose, she'll have to take one in the mouth.

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The Biggest Whore In History

For a hooker/pornstar, she honestly seems like one of the nicest people ever... Even if her butthole looks like the queen alien from "Starship Troopers" and possibly carries multiple strains of the same venereal diseases. More HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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The Viewers Of Efukt

All you fukr's are awesome! Thanks for the emails, tips, submissions, everything. Love all the support from you crazy assholes. If you have the balls to weird out your friends and relatives, follow the twitter and shit, if not we understand. lol <3

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I don't remember this in Robocop

Turns out the 1987 original was supposed to be even more violent. With the new remake getting a PG-13 rating, with it comes the almost certainty to destroy the ultra-violent badass awesomeness of robocop and change him into a safe for kids metal pussy. STORY.

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Losing an 8 inch dildo in in a girls ass can have some consequences beyond fecal flavoring. If you can't get it out, the shoot is over and it's an awkward trip to the hospital with an unhappy porn star. Full scene: HERE.

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The Downfall of the Giggliest Pornstar

Remember that 91 pound, high-on-life ballerina with the the boner-inducing nervous laugh? It seems m'lady's porn career may have shit itself. Here she can be seen reduced to bedding a black man with C cup titties, with camerawork generously performed by idiot-motherfucker-that-can't-hold-still.

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The Anal Full Nelson

When an Azn teenager is reluctant to finish getting ass fucked, it's this guy's cue to utilize a pro-wrestling style submission maneuver and ride it home. Featuring acting so good Kirk Cameron would shed a single tear. MORE.

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Awkward Moments In Porn

Like when you can't think of a description... cuz you realize everything you post is awkward... fuck... [Full Scenez: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]

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After The Tijuana Donkey Show

What happens in Mexico Chile gets filmed with a potato by cartel members drunk off corona lights. For some guys that love beheading the locals and smuggling drugs in their butts, they sure have weak stomachs.

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Shit Cam Whorez Do

It's funny, after a while you realize they are just like normal people. Only totally insane. Prolly from fapping over and over everyday, hours on end for sophisticated gentlemen like "BigDickRick", "TruckerSteve", and "NarutoFan76". Find more HERE.

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The Man With Two Dicks

Being born with a deformity is horrible, until you consider the possibility of having two big fully functioning cocks. In that case, it's winning the genetic lottery and gaining super human sexual abilities at birth. Finally a hero the internet deserves. Read more here.

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The Absurdity Of Japanese Pornography 2

Porn studio treats girl's asshole like a pokeball. Because in Japan, the more psychotic the idea, the better porn it makes. All while censoring the genitals... Cuz ya know, actual sex is just vulgar. Additional Absurdity.

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Sexually Inexperienced And Terrified

True Blood's Sukki has a ratchet doppelganger that attempted porn and totally hated it. Her debut goes about as smoothly as a psoriasis break out... But unlike psoriasis she never came back and wasn't seen again. More nervous newbs HERE.

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