Guy Fucks 18 Y/O with Syphilis Outbreak

Skip to the end. The part where he goes all Golden Retriever on her zombie crotch. If those lesions don't scream "i've had sexual relations with dogs, donkeys and/or John McAfee", I really don't know what does.

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Hipster Slut Gets Unexpected Anal

Rylie Richman says she never does anal. IMO, that's about as probable as Amy Winehouse hosting the Indy 500 inside her vagina but okay. In this clip, she puts her internal organs to the test by fucking a black guy who's got a cock the size of an ewok. An already bad situation is made worse when said ewok cock slides up the wrong orifice. Trailer HERE.

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Rage Quit

Tory Lane has two rules. Dont touch her tattoos & dont beat the shit out of her face. Talk about high standards.. but this fiery eyed slut isnt fucking around . One of her costars decides to test her anyway, resulting in a brief but epic rage quit. Download full video HERE.

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Bad Cumshot

Screech Powers soils his jewfro.

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Cute Face, Ugly Vagina

The one time Japan decides to not censor the genitals... they cast a girl with a Saarlac for a twat. Didn't see Return of the Jedi? Here's an alternative metaphor: Imagine Gene Simmons face, mouth ajar and tongue extended, reincarnated as Yoko Ono's twat. That ought to do it.

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LOL: She Rather Fuck A Horse!

Aspiring whore confesses to beastial relations with family pets and a lingering desire to suck off Mr. Ed, but when the idea of sleeping with a black man is proposed.. she balks! LOL @ Max Hardcore's random cameo, criticizing her weight and declaring her unfit for a golden shower.

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Delivery Dude Jizzes His Pants

This is Holly Hanna. She's 19, hot as fuck, and has a penchant for giving Papa John's employee's epic boners. Today she ups the stakes by not only answering the door butt fuckin nekkid, but with a dildo crammed up her little turd cutter. Pay a visit to her page HERE and show some love.

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Smegma Makes Her Gag

Tojo trades his neighbor a weeks worth of cup-o-noodles in exchange for a sensuous dicksuck. Here's the kicker: Tojo has the hygiene of Forest Whitaker's asshole. Dude simply does not shower. The end result is enough dick cheese to feed half of Mumbai. More HERE.

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Sniffing Her Butt Wont Help

Premature ejaculation is funny. People trying to combat premature ejaculation is funnier. Notable examples: A.) pipe squeezer and B.) focusing on dog shit. Today we introduce a new, equally fucking retarded method for countering early evac. It's called sniffin your costars asshole. And unless the bitch just shit out 4 baconators, it wont work.

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Small Cocks @ The Gloryhole

Two best friends, both packing about as much meat as Earthworm Jim, head to the local glory hole for a good time. Penile deficient guy #1 gets laughed out the booth, while the 2nd is given a standing chance but ultimately lacks the inches neccessary for a practical performance. haha.

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The Dangers Of Threesomes

Protip: if you ever plan on standing directly behind a gutterslut that's about to get doused in chimichanga sauce... dont leave your mouth agape like a lobotomized deer in headlights. This jabroni learns the hardway. haha. Download the full video HERE.

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An Explosive Orgasm - Literally

Dude blows a massive load uterus deep, filling her cunt to the brim with 4 Cheese Pastaroni... and then out it splooges. The sound effects are fake.. but the shots of his jizz doing gymnastics are legit. Some serious backspin on those wads. How the fuck...

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Faces Of Bukkake

Todays learnings: homeless people have yellow semen, 400 pound fluffers are counterproductive, line cutting at bukakke shoots is socially acceptable, and watching female photographers belittle Hispanic participants is strangely erotic. That's that. More HERE.

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