The Dirty Hot Dog Trick

Party boat with a ton of college students going booze cruising. Most of the girls are naked and a hungry guy gets a free, dirty hot dog.

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Maid Entranced By Gringo Cock

It took 3 years and 117 attempts... but it happened. It finally happened. All he ever wanted was an audience. All she ever intended was to restock toiletries. Somewhere in the middle they found eachother, and from there it was love at first cumshot. Equally amazing video HERE.

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Cum Dodger FAIL

Hungarian broad tries to bail on the wrong cocksmith - Steve Holmes. Dodge one load, no problem. He can work up another wad of creme brulee instantly. That's right, zro downtime. Watch this motherfucker work his magic. Full video HERE.

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Tranny Wrecks Some Ass

Painal is painal. I dont discriminate. Plus, I've waited 2 years to put that sound clip to use. The only thing lacking is some prolapse and "Ebony & Ivory" by Paul McCartney.

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1st Blowjob - FEELS GOOD MAN

You know it's a hooker cause who else puts on a rubber just for s'ing some d? And you know it's his first time cause... well, just look at his face. Just one touch of his penis and he turns into Quasimoto with Asperger syndrome.

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The Trolling Of Wannabe Pornstars

Facial Abuse got a new cameraman... but filming naive skanks getting blunt force trauma to the vajayjay is really only half his craft. His true talent lies in his usage of the English vocabulary. He's like the Shakespeare of talking shit. Funny as fuck. Download all vids HERE. [Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

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This girl sheds many tears. Some due to the intensity of a supposed orgasm (technical term: whoregasm). Others because she didn't get a chance to chug any JD prior to filming. Three words: train fucking wreck. Forget the cash, next time pay her in Paxil. Full scene HERE.

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FAIL: Teacher Attempts Double Anal

Deleted scene from Un-Natural Sex 20 involving an ex-teacher looking to sacrifice the health of her colon in exchange for fame & fortune (aka $728 and maybe, just maybe, a Q&A with Swank magazine). Epic spoiler: things dont go as planned. More 'horros of porn' HERE.

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Make Me A Vegatable

Ridiculous porno quote of the week: "make me into a worthless vegetable". Yeah well, her male counterpart certainly tried. But the end result was less Terri Schiavo and more Michael J. Fox. Yeah, I'm going to hell. Download the full scene HERE. Equally amazing video HERE

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Good Idea, Bad Idea

This one's a crowd pleaser. Not only get to see a massive-titted pornstar unwittingly suck a shit covered wang ... but you also to get hear three seconds of my real voice. Boner inducement on all fronts. Download scat woman's full video HERE.

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Ukrainian Girl Got Talent 2

Hot Kinky Jo is back once more, this time cramming half a dozen different objects up her hershey highway, only to rearrange them internally and shit em back out in a different order. She's the Houdini of all things rectal. Check out one of her live webcam shows HERE.

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Man Of The Year

I fapped.

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Rimjob FAIL

Rimjobs - the quintessential stepping stone to full-blown A2M. Most whores have little trouble making it over to the other side of the rainbow - but odds are they weren't paired up with some asshole that forgot how to wipe, as is this guy. Uncut version HERE.

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