"The Cam Whore Awards: Round Two"

Once again we're honoring the best of the worst in the world of webcam modeling. Where cute crazy bitches and really weird dudes are willing to stab at their own kidneys for our amusement and tokens. Music Here, Discussion Here, and More Cam Girls Here

LOL GTFO Grandma 38 Years Without Ejaculation The Downfall of the Giggliest Pornstar Make Me A Vegatable
YIKES! Wigger Has Crazy Breakdown! 18 Y/O Quits Porn After 90 Seconds BUT DADDY IT HURTS! Dumbest Girl In Porn
Czech Teens Porn Debut Ends In Tears The Vibrating Pussy 10 Men? My Agent Said Only 2! OOPS! Wrong Hole!
Derpy Derp Orgasmo Girl HURRY UP and CUM! Stink Palm Rejected... LIKE A BOSS