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LOL: She Rather Fuck A Horse!

Aspiring whore confesses to beastial relations with family pets and a lingering desire to suck off Mr. Ed, but when the idea of sleeping with a black man is proposed.. she balks! LOL @ Max Hardcore's random cameo, criticizing her weight and declaring her unfit for a golden shower.

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Amazing Horse

A live-action tribute to the greatest song/animation of the decade. Addicting as fuck.

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He Rather Fuck A Horse

Hmmm. Cant really blame the guy. If your wife looked like a cross between Rosanne and a lesbian hippopotamus... you'd probably explore other options too.

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Zoophile Recruitment Video

Great news folks! Getting fucked by their horse's 18 inch cock is no longer a prerequisite for new applicants. The only requirement now is just a meager fellatio session with one of their five dogs. Hell of an opportunity!

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The Orgasm Of Death

Honestly, less than 1% of the shit I post actually makes me LOL. Anal prolapses and horse porn bloopers just don't seem to do it for me anymore. But jesus... the second I heard this guy blow ass in the opening sequence I LOL'd so hard my eyes started watering like an emo kid listening to Dashboard Confessional.

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Worlds Biggest Cock

God blesses him with a horse cock and what does he do? Turns into a tranny and only fucks men. What a waste... think of all the vaginas he could've decimated with that thing.

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Kicked While Masturbating

This woman comes up with the genius idea to masturbate under a horse. But the horse isn't cool with that so it kicks her in the back and tells her to GTFO.

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