Sex Tape Failure of a Wannabe Rapper

It's "sex tape 101" with this ratchet dork that lets nothing stand in front of his delusions. Not even his dick lint, a random ice cream truck or even his mom will stop him from showing us how to make a porn. #BOSS

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The Love Plug

Here is a detailed guide on how to become permanently impotent in a split second. I'd absolutely love to see a girl try to do something like this.

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The Dangers of DP

When you're double teaming a bitch you gotta watch where you shoot your load!

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Spycam Queef

Tyler from eFukt set up a spycam on his roommate and caught a little more on tape than he expected!

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Phone Booth Shit

Taking a shit while talking on the phone is perfectly normal!

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Japanese Cow Gut Porn

Get a camera, a naked chick, and 300 pounds of cow guts and you got yourself Japanese porn!

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Coat Hanger Abortion

This is a new eFukt classic! Too bad she wasn't able to complete the operation!

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Fear Of Semen

This Indian slut is afraid of a little jizz and tries to dodge the cumshot but whitey restrains her!

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Clit Piercing

God damn, that is one fucking nasty vagina!

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Man Eating Vagina

There's an easy way around this one - just stick it in her ass! It's tighter, warmer & more degrading!

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Biggest Pussy Ever

When I posted this clip 2 years ago I somehow left out a key component - the scene where he seperately inserts his arms, left leg, and entire head into her vagina. Seeing as this is the most popular video on eFukt, I think it's about time the full version was posted.

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Assisted Entry

Okay so both his dick & hand are in her vagina and he seems to be masterbating...internally.

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The Creampie

Nothing says revenge like like mixing bodily fluids into the foods of others. Think about how much spit, piss, shit and semen you've unwittingly ingested at the hands of motherfuckers like this. Processed food 4 life.

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