Sex Tape Failure of a Wannabe Rapper

It's "sex tape 101" with this ratchet dork that lets nothing stand in front of his delusions. Not even his dick lint, a random ice cream truck or even his mom will stop him from showing us how to make a porn. #BOSS

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Pussy Fingering During Flight

A horny chick with a pierced cunt starts pleasuring herself while on a plain with people all around!

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Painful Anal Insertion

This chick screams as she gets a big wine bottle shoved up her ass. Her asshole looks destroyed!

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Hired To Fuck A Wife

This guy hired a black man to fuck his wife on her birthday. I wonder what he gets her on xmas?

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Pervert Spying On 2 Drunks

This couple is so drunk they don't even notice that a guy is spying on the girls pussy from behind.

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Slut Flashing Her Nasty Ass - CLASSIC

They really wanted her to spread her cheeks, I guess they weren't expecting all those hemroids!

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Passed Out Facial

Believe it or not he's actually doing her a huge favor. Semen is great for the skin. So the next time you slip your wife a mickey and jizz all over her face, remind her to thank you in the morning.

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E.T. Alien Sex 2

E.T. is back and this time around she gets fucked silly by a man. I hope she doesn't get pregnant!

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E.T. Alien Sex 1

All things considered, E.T's pussy don't look that bad. If you had the chance, would you fuck her?

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Huge Water Bottle Insertion

Oh man. This is one of the biggest cunt insertions I've ever seen. How could anyone fuck that hole?

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The 24 Incher

I know they say black guys have big dicks but this is kind of exessive. That thing is like 2 feet long!

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Sex With An African Native

An Asian chick has sex with an African tribesman. She's lucky they didn't eat her for dinner! haha...

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Homeless Blowjob

Even bums get horny! Although that doesn't really look like a woman who's sucking his dick haha...

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