Sex Tape Failure of a Wannabe Rapper

It's "sex tape 101" with this ratchet dork that lets nothing stand in front of his delusions. Not even his dick lint, a random ice cream truck or even his mom will stop him from showing us how to make a porn. #BOSS

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Fucking Hipsters

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Queefing Beauty

This is what happens to your vagina after you sleep with Wesley Snipes.

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Amazing Horse

A live-action tribute to the greatest song/animation of the decade. Addicting as fuck.

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The Pencil Test

Ouch. As if being born a ginger wasn't bad enough, this Irish Setter has a set of knockers that look a lot like deflated weather balloons.

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Lesbian Fail

Ashley Blue gets tossed to the ground after flaunting her diseased twat in the wrong girl's face. I'm afraid that canned tuna / Wisconsin aged cheddar aroma just aint for everyone. See the full thing @ SQUIRT BUKKAKE.

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A Gangbang Before Marriage

The love of your life just had her brains fucked out by a 1000 different scumbags and now you feel the urge to tie the knot? LOL. Happy honeymoon guy!

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Do Not Want

A car full of Canadian hooligans armed with a VHS camcorder stumble upon a crackwhore that likes to show off the brown eye. Honestly... for someone that hasn't wiped their ass since 1993, her cornhole surprisingly didn't look all that bad.

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The Result Of A Real Orgasm

Take note kids. If the bitch aint flopping around like a senior citizen mid epileptic seizure, you're doing it wrong!

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Attack Of The 2 Incher

Oh man... that's the kinda penis that woman openly laugh about. Shit, I'm a guy an even I am LOL'ing at that shrimp cocktail.

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Autofellatio Fail

wait for it...

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Death By Titties

This is Busty Heart. She's got 40 pound titties that sag to the knees - most likely the product of strategically self-induced elephantitis. Fun bags of this caliber aren't taken lightly. One poor fuck literally croaked after catching a look at her knockers. LOL.

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Rectal Control Fail

She's in the middle of an all-girl bukkake shoot when her cornhole opens up and gives birth to a raisinette. Not only does this dirty slut pick it up and attempt to hide it, but she then continues to rub her snatch with the same fuckin hand. NICE 1 LADY! Full video available HERE.

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