There's no crying in porno

Women being beaten with insanely huge cocks, face fucked until they puke, anally violated into tears, degraded and abused, they always come back for more. You can find it all here and not even leave the house.

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Sneak Attack

Slick Rick goes in for an anal ambush after getting bored of his girlfriend's tuna pot pie. Naturally she leaps away in shock - a reflex this cocksmith had already anticipated. With the full use of his body weight, he sandwiches her into the mattress and sinks his dipstick deeper into her tunnel of stank. She's not too happy but a lil' smooth talk saves the day.

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She HATES Blowjobs LOL

When you weigh as much as the couch you're nesting on... performing fellatio is practically considered "exercise". Naturally she's not a fan. What's special though is her mock enthusiasm right at the end. You can literally see calories being burned as she imitates the standard pornstar approach to sucking dick. It's mesmerizing.

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Lemme Smell Yo Dick

One of the shittiest XXX films I've seen in my time... edited down to a cool 60 seconds. It's nothing amazing but fuck... it's got a plot revolving around accusations of sheep rape and worse acting than a Segal flick. How could I not post it?

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Dildo Causes Internal Damage

After straddling a butt plug as thick as a tree trunk, this chicks rectum starts oozing out blood like Owen Wilson's wrists after making another shitty movie. More death defying pussy insertions HERE!

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Drug Mule In Training

Everyone is born with a gift. Hers is a colon that doubles as a footlocker in between flights from Thailand to the good ol' USA. Watch in utter amazement as she demonstrates her maximum storage capacity.

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I Hate Cum

Compilation of various skanks expressing some serious dismay after being force fed a healthy dosage of man gravy. The first clip comes from Facial Abuse and the fat black hobo-bitch at the end that quite hilariously claimed to be allergic to jizz is from Black Vagina Finder. Enjoy.

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Masculinity Fail

Dude sobs like a little bitch after his sexual advances get shot down by a midol-deficient camwhore. Cue theme song from .7th Heaven. No wait, scratch that. I got a much better song in mind. Watch and see :P

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A Discussion On Beastiality

LOL @ Sasha Grey's brief facial expression of disgust as Belladonna admits that she's down for dog cock. Some irony to be had in the shirt she's wearing.

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Earthworm Jim

A parasite most commonly found in dog shit has taken up residence in the cornhole of this Salvadoran hooker. Not much of a step up but what's amazing is how this dumb bitch shits it out in the middle of her pay-per-view camshow without even realizing it. NOE ES BUENO.

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A Random Act Of Kindness

Want hard proof that Americans are all about charity? Look no further friend. This zesty little 19 year old slut offers a mild mannered vagrant the ultimate handout - a free whiff of her soiled panties. It's generosity like this that warms my heart.

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I No Longer Hate Clowns

I was really expecting this chick to have one of those inconspicuous, slit-like vaginas.... not a corned beef gash [as depicted in picture #2]. Still hot as fuck though. She just needs to lay down some Crest Whitening Strips on that labia minora and she be aight. SOURCE: HERE

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Is It In Yet

Hector and his 2.5 inch pop gun (their measurements, not mine) get an earful of criticism after disappointing a gang of size queens... and nailing himself in the forehead with his own payload. Sorry friend but I think it's best you take your cocktail sausage and head on back to that stawberry field you done crawled up out of. More footage HERE.

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