This goofy retard could of been cast as a dwarven wife in the hobbit movies. Unfortunately, that's not the case as she was cast for porn. She goes for the impossible with a 30 pound black dildo and a retard.

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Masculinity Fail

Dude sobs like a little bitch after his sexual advances get shot down by a midol-deficient camwhore. Cue theme song from .7th Heaven. No wait, scratch that. I got a much better song in mind. Watch and see :P

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A Discussion On Beastiality

LOL @ Sasha Grey's brief facial expression of disgust as Belladonna admits that she's down for dog cock. Some irony to be had in the shirt she's wearing.

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Earthworm Jim

A parasite most commonly found in dog shit has taken up residence in the cornhole of this Salvadoran hooker. Not much of a step up but what's amazing is how this dumb bitch shits it out in the middle of her pay-per-view camshow without even realizing it. NOE ES BUENO.

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A Random Act Of Kindness

Want hard proof that Americans are all about charity? Look no further friend. This zesty little 19 year old slut offers a mild mannered vagrant the ultimate handout - a free whiff of her soiled panties. It's generosity like this that warms my heart.

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I No Longer Hate Clowns

I was really expecting this chick to have one of those inconspicuous, slit-like vaginas.... not a corned beef gash [as depicted in picture #2]. Still hot as fuck though. She just needs to lay down some Crest Whitening Strips on that labia minora and she be aight. SOURCE: HERE

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Is It In Yet

Hector and his 2.5 inch pop gun (their measurements, not mine) get an earful of criticism after disappointing a gang of size queens... and nailing himself in the forehead with his own payload. Sorry friend but I think it's best you take your cocktail sausage and head on back to that stawberry field you done crawled up out of. More footage HERE.

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Husband Of The Year

I haven't seen such misogynistic greatness since "He Hates Hookers" with the late Douglas DeMann. I dunno. There's just something infinitely amusing about women being repeatedly verbally degraded by trailer trash king pimps.

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Voyeur Fail

This creepy fuck hides in an air duct just to get a peek at a random woman's cooter as she takes a piss. Unfortunately he makes too much noise and scares the utter shit out of his victim.

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How To Get A Girls Digits

A new era in pick-up artistry is born. This is called the "gimme your number or I will fucking kill you" approach. Fine tuned by the colorful minorities of France.

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Friendly Fire

Dude gets blasted with man chowder after standing in the line of fire like a dumb shit rookie. Even worse, most of the load landed right in his belly button. Gonna have a real fun time cleaning that one out buddy!

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Homo Fail

As if getting reamed up the ass by a 300 pound tranny isn't bad enough, this gangster fruit gets bonked in the head by random shit falling out the sky. The shrapnel of gay love.

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LOL GTFO Grandma

This is rather odd. I mean the dude gets caught pissing on the face of his 20 year old girlfriend by a lady older than Jesus and doesn't even bother to cover up. For a solid 10 seconds the old hag just stands there eyeing his cock. There's no embarrassment. No dialogue. Just one baffled senior citizen trying to make sense of a contemporary sex act.

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