LOL Camwhores

Those tits look pretty weathered for a 19 year old. That aside, I give it a hearty 4 1/2 boners up. Pretty much the hottest thing I've seen since Welcome To The Rileys with that skanky delight Kristen Stewart.

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The Pencil Test

Ouch. As if being born a ginger wasn't bad enough, this Irish Setter has a set of knockers that look a lot like deflated weather balloons.

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Lesbian Fail

Ashley Blue gets tossed to the ground after flaunting her diseased twat in the wrong girl's face. I'm afraid that canned tuna / Wisconsin aged cheddar aroma just aint for everyone. See the full thing @ SQUIRT BUKKAKE.

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A Gangbang Before Marriage

The love of your life just had her brains fucked out by a 1000 different scumbags and now you feel the urge to tie the knot? LOL. Happy honeymoon guy!

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Do Not Want

A car full of Canadian hooligans armed with a VHS camcorder stumble upon a crackwhore that likes to show off the brown eye. Honestly... for someone that hasn't wiped their ass since 1993, her cornhole surprisingly didn't look all that bad.

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The Result Of A Real Orgasm

Take note kids. If the bitch aint flopping around like a senior citizen mid epileptic seizure, you're doing it wrong!

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Attack Of The 2 Incher

Oh man... that's the kinda penis that woman openly laugh about. Shit, I'm a guy an even I am LOL'ing at that shrimp cocktail.

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Autofellatio Fail

wait for it...

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Death By Titties

This is Busty Heart. She's got 40 pound titties that sag to the knees - most likely the product of strategically self-induced elephantitis. Fun bags of this caliber aren't taken lightly. One poor fuck literally croaked after catching a look at her knockers. LOL.

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Rectal Control Fail

She's in the middle of an all-girl bukkake shoot when her cornhole opens up and gives birth to a raisinette. Not only does this dirty slut pick it up and attempt to hide it, but she then continues to rub her snatch with the same fuckin hand. NICE 1 LADY! Full video available HERE.

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32 Ounces Of Pussy

Ever wonder what it would be like if Arby's had an all-you-can-eat buffet? Just toss this bitch a quarter and dive head first into the moutain of vadge. The dining experince would be virtually identical.

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Enthusiasm Fail

Congratulations on managing to fit your entire fist up your wife's tuna casserole. It's quite the lifetime achievement. Now if only you would quiet the fuck down and learn to expand your vocabulary some!

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Who Wants Lasagna

First he bulldozes her ass till his cock turns brown. Then he moves up an orifice and gives her twat some chocolate-coated TLC... which is pretty much guaranteed to result in a wicked case of vaginitis but lets not spoil the fun. All things come to an end after he asks the most amazing question ever uttered in a pornographic film - "who wants lasagna?"

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