Guy Fucks 18 Y/O with Syphilis Outbreak

Skip to the end. The part where he goes all Golden Retriever on her zombie crotch. If those lesions don't scream "i've had sexual relations with dogs, donkeys and/or John McAfee", I really don't know what does.

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I No Longer Hate Clowns

I was really expecting this chick to have one of those inconspicuous, slit-like vaginas.... not a corned beef gash [as depicted in picture #2]. Still hot as fuck though. She just needs to lay down some Crest Whitening Strips on that labia minora and she be aight. SOURCE: HERE

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Is It In Yet

Hector and his 2.5 inch pop gun (their measurements, not mine) get an earful of criticism after disappointing a gang of size queens... and nailing himself in the forehead with his own payload. Sorry friend but I think it's best you take your cocktail sausage and head on back to that stawberry field you done crawled up out of. More footage HERE.

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Husband Of The Year

I haven't seen such misogynistic greatness since "He Hates Hookers" with the late Douglas DeMann. I dunno. There's just something infinitely amusing about women being repeatedly verbally degraded by trailer trash king pimps.

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Voyeur Fail

This creepy fuck hides in an air duct just to get a peek at a random woman's cooter as she takes a piss. Unfortunately he makes too much noise and scares the utter shit out of his victim.

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How To Get A Girls Digits

A new era in pick-up artistry is born. This is called the "gimme your number or I will fucking kill you" approach. Fine tuned by the colorful minorities of France.

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Friendly Fire

Dude gets blasted with man chowder after standing in the line of fire like a dumb shit rookie. Even worse, most of the load landed right in his belly button. Gonna have a real fun time cleaning that one out buddy!

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Homo Fail

As if getting reamed up the ass by a 300 pound tranny isn't bad enough, this gangster fruit gets bonked in the head by random shit falling out the sky. The shrapnel of gay love.

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LOL GTFO Grandma

This is rather odd. I mean the dude gets caught pissing on the face of his 20 year old girlfriend by a lady older than Jesus and doesn't even bother to cover up. For a solid 10 seconds the old hag just stands there eyeing his cock. There's no embarrassment. No dialogue. Just one baffled senior citizen trying to make sense of a contemporary sex act.

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Before & After

An upclose look at the genitalia of a Brazillian gutterslut directly before and after having an intimate encounter with Jamal Jones Jr the 3rd. The rectal damage is top shelf.

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Surfer Bro Cums In 30 Seconds!

Stick to riding waves bud. Fucking bitches on camera aint your thing. Full video available HERE.

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Super Mom

This is ex-pornstar Tiffany Million. She exited the adult industry in 1994 to become a Bounty Hunter in Arizona, which was later turned into a reality TV show. Unlike most of the 2 bit whores in the business, Tiffany actually has some personality. She's funny as fuck and has an upbeat attitude to match, which makes beating off to her videos all the more rewarding.

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Meanwhile in Russia...

Dude unwittingly got himself a front row seat to Russia's biggest shit extravaganza.

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