Sex Tape Failure of a Wannabe Rapper

It's "sex tape 101" with this ratchet dork that lets nothing stand in front of his delusions. Not even his dick lint, a random ice cream truck or even his mom will stop him from showing us how to make a porn. #BOSS

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College Kids Attempt Public Sex (and FAIL)

Ron and Jon, still cooling down after an intense night of Minecraft & diet Mountain Dew, stumble upon on a sorority skank mid-coitus and decide to wreak havoc. 10/10 for the sombrero alone.

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The Most Embarrassing Public Ejaculation Ever

A run of the mill twerking competition is won in an epic land slide when little miss hair extensions makes the guy jizz himself. For her legendary feat Shaquanda is awarded the illustrious title and like fitty bucks.

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Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar 3

The amazing thing? Multiple people thought these were good ideas and put a whole lot of effort into them. I.E. the guy who had to cut a dick hole in a giant wheaties box or the man controlling the giant octopus dildo tentacles. Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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I Haz a Breakdown

Scene's over and it's time to go home... but first this starlet has a complete mental unraveling. Her tears and plight do little more than generate awkward lulz and kill the mood for the next girl. More HERE and HERE.

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The Giggliest Girl in Porn Returns

What weighs 95 pounds, likes the look of cock, and gets messy at the Arizona glory hole? Yeah, that chick. Personally she annoys me to death, but some of you fukr's can't get enough. Full Scene HERE.

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How to Ruin Your Vagina

Yeah sure, looks neat now... but wait for the follow up video in a year when the labia is hanging like two flappy pancakes with weird scar-holes looking like some shit outta hellraiser. GIF.

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The Best of Naked Protesters

No matter what the cause, there are always attention starved hippies wanting to get naked in support of stuff. Eating meat, women's rights, fur, politics, the environment... No one cares... Everyone's here because some these naked bitches are hot.

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Backpage's finest goes by "daddy's baby anal queen" and she aspires for greatness via her butthole. The only problem is she hates anal and her possibly worm-infested colon is so tight, it's like trying to fit an elephant in a safeway bag. Full Scene HERE.

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Mom & Daughter Camshow (EPIC)

This girl is special. Her face says "I shop at Trader Joes and listen to Harry Potter-inspired techno music" but from the neck down she has the body of a pornstar. Oh.. and she masturbates in front of mom. #marryme.

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11 of Craziest Orgasms Ever

I think we all know what really happened to that Malaysian airplane, as we've all seen Donnie Darko and know about the government cover up... But hey, all I'm really trying to say is that at least the G-spot is easier to find than Flight 370. SOURCES: HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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The Duke University Feminist Pornstar

Belle Knox is cute, smart enough for an ivy league college and got her name by mixing a Disney princess with an alleged murderer. My kinda girl! Except for the small fact that a feminist doing facial abuse for women's rights is like a rabbi going to Auschwitz for a free shower. Full scenes HERE and HERE.

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The Most Pathetic Lesbian Scene Of All Time

Some women that happen to look like rejected "Lord of the Rings" characters find themselves in a cheap hotel room, making a porn movie so atrocious that even the producer wouldn't show up to film it. Full scene HERE

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