The Dirty Hot Dog Trick

Party boat with a ton of college students going booze cruising. Most of the girls are naked and a hungry guy gets a free, dirty hot dog.

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Butthole Obliteration

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Cleanup On Orifice Number 1

This is a fetish known as 'cuckold cleanup'. Usually it involves a closet homosexual who gets off on pimpin his wife out to random strangers. Often the husband will sit in the corner and actually videotape as his significant other gets pounded by foreign cock. Once the creampie has been injected, it's like 'all you can eat' night at Red Lobster. Yum yum eat em up.

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Mystery Meat

There's been much debate as to whether this is in fact a woman or just a post-op tranny. I feel these detailed photos will help you reach your own conclusions.

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Show Your Tits Or Die

Fucking assholes. That's no way to treat a Honda Civic.

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Let Yo Dick Swang

I wonder how often he accidentally breaks a girls nose doing all that high speed cock slapping? or does that only happen when the bitch stiffs him on his much deserved dollar tip?

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I Wouldn't Shake Her Hand

But I would stick it in her ass, assuming her clean-up measures for urban number 2's are slightly more sanitary than what's displayed in this video.

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Ouch! My Cock!

Looks like women aren't the only ones to suffer injuries on the sets of porno shoots. Professional taco stuffers have a few occupational hazards of their own. I suppose that as long rectal prolapses aren't on that list, being a stunt cock is still my dream job. Full video available @ BEHIND KINK.

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Pornstar Grosses Herself Out

He sounds a little overly excited about his chocolate discovery. Did he forget that that's where his cock goes? By the end of the shoot his penis is gonna look a lot like a pudding pop. I'm not so sure I'd share his enthusiasm. Source: MEAT MEMBERS.

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Meatiest Pussy Of All Time

Mmmm medium rare - spledid, my favorite. Just pass me the salt & pepper and I'll be good to go. See more HERE.

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Teacher & Student Sextape

All participant are of legal age. Read the full article HERE. I like how the 35 year old teacher squirms like a virgin whenever he sticks his teenage pecker inside her - check both he beginning and the end.

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1 Guy, 1 Basketball

For centuries many will wonder - how did he do it? How did one man fit an entire basketball into his anus? Vigorous week-long training sessions? Nah. Optical illusion? Nope. Homosexual superpowers that transform one's rectum into a 4th dimension gateway? I suspect so.

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Queefing Beauty

I think I'm in love.

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