"Porn Scenes Worthy of an Oscar "

Todays menu: a.) girl manipulates dad into oral sex while mom contemplates suicide b.) leper fucks ass, leper's winky gets decapitated, leper continues to fuck ass anyway and c.) vintage buttrape porn, never fuck with a man that's just lost a game of Old Maid. SOURCES: 1, 3, 4, 5

Figging Gone Wrong The Creepiest Motherfucker in Porn Kicked In The Balls Of My Heart Bukkake Fail
Feminist Attacks Cocky Stripper An Explosive Orgasm - Literally The Return Of 'Gentle Breakdown' Girl Seduction Fail
Storytime With A Crackwhore How Pornstars Get Pinkeye Orgasm Fail Pornstars + Cocaine = WIN
Bath Salts = INSANE SEX Luckiest Guy at the Strip Club Scat Fail A Gangbang Before Marriage